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CELIANS offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand CELIANS (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout United States of America

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CELIANS PRODUCTS AMPLIFIER, CONDITIONER AND CONVERTER DIN rail signal conditioning module DIN RAIL SIGNAL CONDITIONING MODULE M@LINE modular signal conditioner / analog / for strain gauges MODULAR SIGNAL CONDITIONER / ANALOG / FOR STRAIN GAUGES ME520 DIN rail signal conditioner / analog / for sensors / for strain gauges DIN RAIL SIGNAL CONDITIONER / ANALOG / FOR SENSORS / FOR STRAIN GAUGES ME52C ACQUISITION AND MEASURING SYSTEMS force gauge and torque meter FORCE GAUGE AND TORQUE METER 2655C pressure meter / force / multifunction / analog PRESSURE METER / FORCE / MULTIFUNCTION / ANALOG 2680C temperature data-logger / universal / voltage / current TEMPERATURE DATA-LOGGER / UNIVERSAL / VOLTAGE / CURRENT CEMESSA signal amplifier / conditioning / precision / rack-mount SIGNAL AMPLIFIER / CONDITIONING / PRECISION / RACK-MOUNT E300F4 signal amplifier / conditioning / acquisition / programmable SIGNAL AMPLIFIER / CONDITIONING / ACQUISITION / PROGRAMMABLE E325 SPECIFIC PRODUCTS programmable attenuator PROGRAMMABLE ATTENUATOR 2657-ATT90 USB eddy current flaw detector EDDY CURRENT FLAW DETECTOR SENSORS single-axis accelerometer / vibrating SINGLE-AXIS ACCELEROMETER / VIBRATING CMCP1100 SERIES in-line torque meter / calibration / dynamic IN-LINE TORQUE METER / CALIBRATION / DYNAMIC CR6 DF SERIES in-line torque meter / calibration / digital IN-LINE TORQUE METER / CALIBRATION / DIGITAL CR7 SERIES in-line torque meter / for torque and angle measurement / dynamic IN-LINE TORQUE METER / FOR TORQUE AND ANGLE MEASUREMENT / DYNAMIC CR5, CR1 SERIES in-line torque meter / calibration IN-LINE TORQUE METER / CALIBRATION CS2 SERIES linear displacement sensor / potentiometer / analog LINEAR DISPLACEMENT SENSOR / POTENTIOMETER / ANALOG LT SERIES in-line torque meter / for torque wrenches / calibration IN-LINE TORQUE METER / FOR TORQUE WRENCHES / CALIBRATION CS1 SERIES tension/compression load cell / S-beam / small / compact TENSION/COMPRESSION LOAD CELL / S-BEAM / SMALL / COMPACT F2712 SERIES bending beam load cell / beam type / for medical applications / strain gauge BENDING BEAM LOAD CELL / BEAM TYPE / FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS / STRAIN GAUGE F1200 SERIES tension/compression load cell / in-line / miniature / strain gauge TENSION/COMPRESSION LOAD CELL / IN-LINE / MINIATURE / STRAIN GAUGE F5930 SERIES in-line load cell / stainless steel / miniature / weighing IN-LINE LOAD CELL / STAINLESS STEEL / MINIATURE / WEIGHING F5910, F5960, F5962 thermocouple temperature probe / with handle THERMOCOUPLE TEMPERATURE PROBE / WITH HANDLE thermocouple temperature probe / with thermocouple output THERMOCOUPLE TEMPERATURE PROBE / WITH THERMOCOUPLE OUTPUT incremental rotary encoder / analog / solid-shaft INCREMENTAL ROTARY ENCODER / ANALOG / SOLID-SHAFT ROD436 3-axis inclinometer / analog / 4-20 mA / adjustable 3-AXIS INCLINOMETER / ANALOG / 4-20 MA / ADJUSTABLE ME26400 SERIES 1-axis inclinometer / economical / miniature / high-precision 1-AXIS INCLINOMETER / ECONOMICAL / MINIATURE / HIGH-PRECISION ME 26400 SERIES Inclinometer Rotary encoder Temperature sensor Temperature data-logger Torque meter Electronic amplifier Signal conditioner Incremental encoder Displacement sensor Linear displacement sensor Miniature load cell Incremental rotary encoder Bending beam load cell Analog displacement sensor Universal data-logger Tension/compression load cell Steel load cell Accelerometer Thermocouple 1-axis accelerometer Multi-axis inclinometer IP67 load cell IP65 load cell S-beam load cell Compact load cell Rack-mount amplifier Multi-channel data-logger Flaw detector Sensor signal conditioner 1-axis inclinometer Potentiometer displacement sensor Analog rotary encoder Weighing load cell Voltage data-logger Current data-logger Digital torque meter High-precision inclinometer In-line load cell Multifunction meter Pressure meter Force meter Conditioning amplifier Vibrating accelerometer Analog meter Signal conditioning module Torque wrench torque meter Analog signal conditioner Calibration load cell Calibration torque meter IP65 inclinometer Modular amplifier Miniature inclinometer Economical inclinometer Modular signal conditioner Acquisition amplifier In-line torque meter Force gauge and torque meter Adjustable inclinometer Dynamic torque meter 3-axis inclinometer Programmable attenuator Load cell Meter Data-logger Signal amplifier Intelligent data-logger Multi-channel amplifier Programmable amplifier Precision amplifier

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