Sales of Duplomatic products in USA

Duplomatic offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand Duplomatic (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout United States of America

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DS3S210ND24K1  GP10041R97F20N  MCD5SBT51N  MVPPSA50  RS530  RS630  VPPM046PCXR00S10N000 CHM5D10N Duplomatic 42,38888889 Duplomatic 43,95238095 Duplomatic 63,86915888 Duplomatic 67,3364486 Duplomatic 702244 Duplomatic 0429295 (pos 654 und 655) Duplomatic 3892502054 / EDM-M212/20E0 Duplomatic 5D4 DS3/10N-K1 Duplomatic 5D4D-TA/10N-K1 Duplomatic BB3R+3R Duplomatic Bearing bush for IGP5-050-R01/10 Duplomatic BHO 11105203030 Duplomatic BSV-N 21052 Duplomatic BSV-N 250 12/23 220/380-50L R2 M3 - obsolete, replaced by BSV-N250-12/25-220-380/50L- R2M3F7 Duplomatic BSV-N160-8/25-220/380-60 Duplomatic BSV-N200-8/25-220-380-50-R10 Duplomatic C18L3-A24K1/11 Duplomatic C20.6-A110K1/10 Duplomatic C31-D24 K1-/20 Duplomatic CRQ6/M1/12 Duplomatic DDC2-18-J-16/22 - obsolete Duplomatic DDC4-10-400/20 Duplomatic DL3-RK/10N-D24K1 Duplomatic DL3-S1/11N-A24K1 Duplomatic DLD 72650350611 Duplomatic DLI 28201220216 Duplomatic DLI960001902832 Duplomatic DLQ 14040300223 Duplomatic DLV 43040616211 Duplomatic DS3KD2-TB/10N-D24K9T01/10, replaced by DS3KD2-TB/10N-D24K9T01/CM Duplomatic DS3-RK/10N-D24K1 24 V DC (3411500065MP) Duplomatic DS3-S1/11N-D24K1 Duplomatic DS3-S3/11N-D24K1 (DLI 21203024159) Duplomatic DS3-TA/10N-D24K1 24 V DC Duplomatic DS3-TA/10N-D24K1 24 V DC (DLI 21250024159) Duplomatic DS3-TA/11N D12K1 Duplomatic DS3-TA/11N-D24K1 Duplomatic DS3-TA/11N-D24K1 REPLACED BY DS3-TA/10N-D24K1 24 V DC Duplomatic DS5-S2/12N Duplomatic DS5-S4/10N-A230-50K1 (DLI 28204230215) Duplomatic DS5-S6/10N-D24K1, 24 V Duplomatic DSB5-RTA/10V/CK Duplomatic DSP7M-TA/20N-D24K1/MB Duplomatic DU-0329849 Duplomatic DU-0496304A03 Duplomatic DU-0496304A03 DDC4-20-230/20, obsolete replaced by DDC1-12-K16/22 Duplomatic DU-6456084 BSA-200-12/30-220-380/50Hz Duplomatic DZCE5G-140/11N-II/EOK11/B Duplomatic E5P4-S2/40N-D24K1 Duplomatic E5P4-S8/21 I obsolete, replacement: E5P4-S8/EI/40N-D24K1 Duplomatic E5P4-S8/EI/40N-D24K1 Duplomatic ECM4S/M12L/10 Duplomatic EDC-112/10-E1 Duplomatic EDC-131/10-E1 Duplomatic EDM-M112/20 E0 Duplomatic EDM-M231/20-EO Duplomatic EDM-M3112/20 E0 Duplomatic EDM-M3112/20E0 Duplomatic EM 48/R/10 obsolete replaced by C20.6S3-A230K1/10 Duplomatic ERS-4-M-D/40 Duplomatic Ersatzteilpaket für IGP5-050-R01/10 Duplomatic FPME-F05S/10N Duplomatic FRTE-034-F10S/10N Duplomatic GCMP-F-5.5/IGP3/30 Duplomatic GCMP-I-1,1/GP1/20 Duplomatic HC2A-63/45W-70-K/20/SP - OEM! Duplomatic HC2H-50/22-1000-K3-S/20 N Duplomatic HCXM5 S 9 A05 50 20 65 V 10 AN EX OEM!! Duplomatic HCXM5 S 9 A10 50 20 65 V 10 AN OEM!! Duplomatic HCXM9-S-9-A00-50/20-65-V/10/AN OEM!! Duplomatic HME 10050040000 Duplomatic M/E5-P4-S7-E/21 Duplomatic M63-250/10R(MHN 10601125000) Duplomatic MD1B-TA/40 BCA 001 8812 0124506 NO Duplomatic MD1B-TA40 OBSOLETE, REPLACEMENT DS3-TA/11N D12K1 12V DC Duplomatic MD1D-TA/50 DS3-TA/11N replaced by DS3-TA/10N-D00 Duplomatic MD1D-TA/50 replaced by DS3-TA/10N-D00 Duplomatic MD1EP4-123TC/30 OBSOLETE, NEW- DSE3-C16SB/11N-D24K1 Duplomatic MD1L-S3/10L-D24K1 ERSETZT DURCH DS3-S3/10N-D24K1 Duplomatic MD1L-S3/10N-D24K1obsolete,replacementDL3-S3/10N-D24K1 Duplomatic MD1P4-S1/32 replaced by DLI 21201024159 Duplomatic MD1P4-S3/32 replaced by DLI 21203024159 Duplomatic MDD44-S1/55 replaced by DS3-S1/10N-D24K1 24VDC Duplomatic MVPP-SA/50 Duplomatic MZ3—I/23-OBSOLETE, REPLACED BY MZD3/50 Duplomatic MZD 4/M5 Duplomatic MZD3/50 Duplomatic MZD4/M/50 Duplomatic NG6 4/2 T.B KG 24V direction valve Duplomatic NG6 4/3 KM 24V Duplomatic OEM - HCXM4-9-A10-50/20-65-V/10/AM Duplomatic O-rings for IGP5-050-R01/10 Duplomatic P08-C01-400/20 Duplomatic P08-C01-400/20-E0 Duplomatic PARAMETERSET 0489101-4 ( NR.: DA4496322B05) Duplomatic Patch for IGP5-050-R01/10 Duplomatic PMD4-AI4G/20 Duplomatic PRED 3-350 / 10N-D24K1 Duplomatic PS T 4 / 21 N - K1 / K (3911000010) Duplomatic PS T 4 / 21 N - K1 / K (DLD 72650350411) Duplomatic PS T 4 / 21 N - K1 / K DLD 72650350411 Duplomatic PS T 6 / 21 N - K1 / K Duplomatic PS T 6 / 21 N - K1 / K (DLD 72650350611) Duplomatic PST2/2ON-K1/K 350BAR Duplomatic PT MD1P4-S1/32, replaces by DS3-S1/10N-D24K1 Duplomatic PTH-100/20E1-K10 Duplomatic QTM5-D Duplomatic RM-36 Duplomatic RPCE 08-D4/10 Duplomatic RQ4M5-SP/51 Duplomatic RQ5-P5 Duplomatic RQR5-P5/1/I/42/F Duplomatic RSN5-CG22 Duplomatic SM-BA 16C-D1-12-340|0-30|30-1GS Duplomatic SM-BA-16-D1-12-340/10-30/30-GS7F1G Duplomatic SM-BR-16-S102-12-270-30/30 G1-GS1 Duplomatic SM-H-12-12/20-400-E2E3M1T1R0 replaced by SM-H12-12/30/400-E2E3M1T1R0 (DU-6426431K20) Duplomatic SM-H-12-12/30-400 -E2E3M1T1R0 DU-6426431K20 Duplomatic SW-UCN20-12/20 / Codel : 0489023 PICOSYS Valve UCN20-12/20 DUPLOMATIC Duplomatic T.FLEX-R9R-1"FG-25S-D/25S- 510/01 Duplomatic TURRET LATHE FOR DUPLOMATIC BSV-N200-8/25-220-380/50-E11R10 WITH THE FOLLOWING UTILITY DISK DN-Y-200 Duplomatic TYPE MD1L-S1/10N-D24K1 250BAR >REPLACED BY: DL3-S1/10N-D24K1 24VDC Duplomatic UNC 20 12 /50 Duplomatic VDI40X40X120 GMX400 RADIAL Duplomatic VP5-W3/MU Duplomatic VPPM-073PC-R00S/11N64S Duplomatic VR2-I1/32 Duplomatic VR5-P3/10 Duplomatic Z4M3-I / M1 / 50

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Brand Product Description Product
Duplomatic. TORR UNIT+ 0496032J16 SWI . TORR UNIT+ 0496032J16 SWI
Duplomatic0115271 0115271
Duplomatic0116750 0116750
Duplomatic0116773 0116773
Duplomatic0116774 0116774
Duplomatic02.850.06.С150 02.850.06.С150
Duplomatic02.850.07.С200 02.850.07.С200
Duplomatic0296786 0296786
Duplomatic0297219 (LV 5-62100-76615-00) 0297219 (LV 5-62100-76615-00)
Duplomatic0319956 0319956