Sales of Fuji Electric products in USA

Fuji Electric offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand Fuji Electric (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout United States of America

Our company is not an authorized distributor and manufacturer's representative of the brands shown on the website. Private brand names shown on this site and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Inverter,Wall Mounted,Ceiling Wall,Ceiling / Floor,Large Sized Ceiling,Compact Ceiling Cassette,Ceiling Cassette,High Static Ducted,Wall Mounted - PLASMA Inverter Fancoil,Inverter Condenser ,Normal,Single Split,Multi Split,VRF (Multi Air Conditioning System For Buildings),Air Curtain Fuji gear motor and pump AH164-P3B22 AH164-TFG11 AH164-TLG11E3 AH164-TLY11E3 FRN0.4E1S-4J MLA8115A  3.7KW 3PH 380V 50HZ 4P MLA8135A 7.5KW 380V 50HZ 4P MLA8185C 22KW 200V MLH8075M 3 200V 400W 2P MVK8165G VFZ401A-4Z MLA9350A 380V 170-17KW 148-1485R/MIN 5.5-50HZ VFC708AF-S VFC808A-S TGW87-DV100M6B MLC8107C  2.2KW MRE-G160SP062FAC VFC508AN MGX1MS02Z050AZ 200W 3PH 380V 50HZ 1:50 4P MVK9254A  75KW  340V /345V 50.7HZ/67.6HZ  1500/2000RPM  510KG  :D.0405C107D1 MVK8187A  30KW  375V/384V  51HZ/102HZ  1500/3000  :YH552619 FA-5E-7V MLH8097M 2.2KW 2P MVK6167A 15KW 320V 1432200 MPF5135G 7.5KW 4P 3200V 50HZ MGXIMB08A200AS MGXIMB04A200AS VX02-020M 0.2KW 200V 50HZ 1:20 RVF-1000 VFC408AN VFY034A VK095A MRH6096J 1.5KW 2P 3PH 200V VFC408A   MVK931PB  270KW IP55 350V AC 6POLE MVK8207B  30KW IP55 360V AC  S/N:0702G0031111 MVK8207B  30KW IP55 360V AC  S/N:0702G0031011 MKC6167 11KW()1450RPM 21A MLH8097M   200V 2HP 1.5KW 4 GRK2750K-G30 AMP4  QQT RPM 62.5  1:32  S/N:6988610920 VKP-065A 200/220V SC-5-1 AC222V MLA6165B  7.5KW 6P 380V/50HZ NO:D3058318Y2 MLA6135B 5.5KW 6P 380V/50HZ  NO:D3058319Y2 GFN6107C GYS101DC2-T2A VFC608A-4Z VFC508A-4Z VKP055A  MLA8097H  1.5KW VFC508A VKP065A  100W VKP065A-4Z 380V 100W 2P SH-4/G 4A/DC220V SH-4/G 2A2B/DC220V SH-4/VG/AC DC200-220V SZ-ALV/10A SZ-ARV/10A VKS152AC 200V 2P MLH8075P  0.4KW 4P 50/60HZ 200/220V F-6SM-2.5R DR22B5 EB DC24V AR22G4L-10E3G DC24V AR22G4L-10E3R DC24V AR22FOR 10Y AR22FOR 10B AR22M4R-10Y AR22PR-210B AR22PR-201B VKA262AQ SER NO:0501H039401 ,:VKA265AQ  VFC608A-4Z  9.81kPa   3.2/4.4m3/min  2.3/3.4 Kw GRK2400K-B DEOP-L(220V) VKP085A 2P 200V VMP095A :VKP095A 2P 200V VKP058A :VKP055A 2P 200V MLH8065P 0.2KW 200/220V 50/60HZ 4P MKC6085M-RE 200V 750W 4P SN:0612V6013712 MVH6085C 2.2KW-0.2 380V 5.2A S/N:0412G003191 MLH8097P 2.2KW 380V 50HZ 2P 90L VFC808A-4Z:VFZ801A-4Z 380V 50HZ MLA9318B 75KW 4P 380V 50HZS/N MLH8065P 0.2KW 4P 200V 50HZ S/N:0608H708561 VKN085A VFC-408AN VFC-608AN VFC304A MLH8097P 1.5KW 380V 50HZ 4P MLA9318B 75KW 4P 380V 50HZ S/N:ODO409J312DS1 W-71 AR30G3L-11E3-? VFC-508AFS MKC7075K 0.4KW 4P 200V CR6L-300 VX08-010B 0.75KW VX08-020B-1752 0.75KW C02-030MH C02-010MH-0108 FRN0.1E1S-2JFRN0.2E1S-2J MLH8065B 380v/4P/0.2KW VKN085A 7MBP50RA060 6MBP50RA060 MLH8097P 1.5KW 4P 380V 50HZ GYS201DC2-T2C-B MLH8075P  0.4KW 220V 4P 50HZ FVR220G7S-4:FRN220G11S-4CX 380-460V 50HZ VFC608AN  3200/220V VFC-708AF-S TPM2000(4180) 0.2KW 220/380V 50HZ VKR092AB VKR095AB RYS152S3-VSS 1.5KW RYS401S3-VVS 0.4KW GYS152DC1-SA 1.5KW GYS401DC1-SA 0.4KW GYN401SAG-G09 1/9 NP1PS-32R NP1BS-06 NP1S-22 NP1X64046-W NP1Y32T09P1 NP1C-02 NP1C-03 MLP6075C MLA6075G 0.4KW 440V/60HZ 1725RPM SC-E04 FRN11G11S-4 5000G11 VKN065A-4Z VKP075A VKP065A PVF-1800 GYS101DC2-T2A-B PUMP TYPE:VKP085A OUTPUT:250W MOTOR TYPE:MLP6075C VOLT:200/50HZ 200/60HZ 220/60HZ VKP085A MLA9283A 110-18.4KW 380-68V 60-10.7HZ 4P SER.NO:0308J186DS1 VC08-060KBT-SSS7 380V 0.75KW 4P VKN 085A VKB22221FH 200V/50HZ 2.2KW MKE6097M 1.5KW 380V 50HZ 4P :EB2040A MLH6097M 1.5KW 220V 50HZ 4P VKP085A 250W 200V 50HZ 110L/MIN   VKP075A   VKP065A VX02-060BF 200W 200V 50HZ VFC088A 3.0KW 400V-3 MVK8185A 22KW MVK8207A 37KW MVK9318B 108KW 375/395V 43.6/87.1HZ 6P S/N.0407C370DS3 MLC8115A 4.7KW 460V 60HZ S/N.0403H738241 AKRK93S-2   400W  2P  200V VKN075A PE1-CS1R5D VKN075A-4Z AH164-TLG11E3 AH165-TLG11E3 AR22V2R-02R AR22FOR-11G VFC-308A VKP095J VKP 035L 200V VCS502A 380V VKP085AF MLC8115C 200V/50HZ ACT1C-IN VKP075AK VK165AQ VFC808A-4Z VFC706A VCS702A  200V/50HZ 3.7KW ( ENG560D-10B MKS7135A  7.5KW 200/220V 50/60HZ 4P VFC708AF VKP120A  3 220V VKP085A-4Z AR22MOR-11Y VKP095AK VKP-075A VKP085A  200V/50HZ VKP085A    200V VKP095A AR30BOR AR30MOR VKP075A MKC6133D  5.5KW  4P   380-130V/50-15HZ  S/N:M01213001 VFC708AF-S VFC808AN-S VFC708AN-S VKP 065A VFC308A-S 220-380V () VFC408AF-4Z 380V-440V () VFC508AF-S 1.3KW 220-380V 50/60HZ MLH8075 0.4KW 200V 50HZ 2P S/N:SGAMS 01A2A-FJ41 XP243E Z  P/N SAM6841 AC VKN065H 100W 200-220V MLA6187A 22KW 6P 220v/200v ER22PR-2AC 220V AH22-VR11 220V BWFG-1W30KAR 7.2KV MGC14A002S010S  200W 200V 50HZ 1:10 ,:MGX1MS02A010AS CS-14 CR-4 VKP065A 200V 50HZ FB4 DN38 FB4 DN25 MFGB56T-150RS  2.2-4NAB MFG48T-60RS 3.7-4 YS536328-0 380V 4P 1.0A,50HZ,270W VKA492AQ VKP095A VKA265AQ VKA465AQ VX04-030M   1:30   400W   200V VKA492AQ ,:VKA495AQ 200V 50HZ AE30V2L E3 VKA492AQ :VKA495AQ MGZ1002-200EA 200W 4P 200V 50HZ S/N:0609J660651 SC-N8 SC-N11 SC-N12 SC-E03 SC-E02 SC-E01 SC-NE2S SC-N16 TK-E2 VKP085A  250W 55KW 380V 50HZ 4P  3 GYS201DC1-CB MVK8087A  30KW  4P 376-384V  S/N:0509H010411-3   VKP085A VFC088P MVK8185G 22KW  4P  376-384V  S/N:0603G001641-2 VKN095A-4Z MRH8107M 2.2KW 380V 50HZ 4P MGX1MB22A005AS 2.2KW 200V 50HZ 1:5 IP44 S/N:1009H943082Y1 YM523756-8H GYC751DC1-SA-Z12 SC-E7 SC-E6 SC-E5 SC-E4 SC-E2 SC-E1 SC-E05 SC-E04C SC-E3 TK-E3 GYS102C5-VS2 VKPO75A-4Z VKD0141AC-4Z VKD141AC-4Z VKP0750AH-4Z VKD0141AC - 4Z VKP075A-4Z  MGX1FS02W010AS-SS MKC6097K  1.5KW   1:100   380V/50HZ VKP035L 2SK3527-01 2SC4275 2SK2879-01 2SC3320 2SC3318 2SC2656 VKP085J TK-N8 125-185A VKV 196M  200V 200W VKP055A-4Z  380V  60W FRN22VG7S-4 MLH1062A 4POLES FRN22G11S2 MVS37V5-2A GYS102DC1-SA MGX1MB15W120AS  400V F-1800() VKP065A-4Z 380V 100W 2P 40/60L/ MVK6165A-C 11KW 360V 51HZ 4P 160M S/N:0405G002851 MGX1MS02A200AZ FRN220VG7S-4 S/N:42HM14853R001-001HC MGX1MB15W100AS 1.5KW 380V 50HZ 1:100 VFC906A  200V 50HZ MLH8097M 1.5KW 200V 50HZ 4P MLH8097M 1.5KW IP44 MPF9252B VKA165AQ 3 200V 50HZ VKA162AQ 85/100L/MIN 200V/50HZ MLH8097M 400V VFC308AN MVK6133A   5.5KW   4P   160-320V  S/N:0811J649091-2 VX02-200B-SUS7 4P 200W 380V VX01-200M-SS7 4P 100W 380V VC08-15MH-SSS7 4P 750W 380V VFC708AN 3.3KW  200/220V VFC808AN 5.5KW  200/220V MGX1MS08A 005AS 200V VKN085A 250W 200VAC VKN085A-4Z 240W 400VAC FE-2000N 200V FE-1000N 200V LX-725  200V SX-210 100V VKA345AH MGX1MS02 A005AS 0.2KW 1:5 220V 60HZ VKP095J 200V 50HZ MGX1MS04A050AS 4P 0.4KW 380V/50HZ GYS101DS-HB2 MVK8186D-FK :390Voltios.58Amp.1700RPM.30KW.Frame:180L MLP8133D 5.5KW 380V 50HZ 4P TK-E3-C 34-50A SC-E3-C   RC310-1M4328J2 VKP075A 200V VFC506A-4Z FE-300N 0.75KW 200V 30KW 380V 50HZ 2P VFC208A MLA9251A   55KW   6P   380V   S/N:D201J172DS1 AFAC30/3X with CG-30 TYPE:PEC 1-3FA/100 NO. A8D5688 PRIM.VOLT.3300V PREQ.50 MKS7085M  750W 4P 200V MG×1MS04W045AS 1:45 3 400W VKP035L-115A VC08-060KBT-SSS7 750W 380V 50HZ 1:60 S/N:D30760001 VFC-608AF-S 3220V 3.7KW MLA8115A 4P FRAME 112M MVK8207B 30KW 6P 360V F-1800 RVF-1800 VKA343AQ 200V VKP083A :VKP085A 200V 50HZ VKP093A :VKP095A 200V 50HZ VKR095AB 200V 50HZ VKP083A 220V VAS355BS-42 MGZ1001-400EB  200V 50HZ 1:400 MLA6133B,MLC1133B 3.7KW 6P 380V 50HZ VKP095A 400W 200V 50HZ MVK9284A-4  110KW 380V 50HZ 4P MGX1FS04A020AS 0.4KW 200V 50HZ 4P 1:20 MLH8065M ,:MLH1065A 0.2KW 200V 50HZ 4P MKS-7085M 0.75KW 400V 50HZ 4P MKS-7065M 0.2KW 400V 50HZ 4P VKP095AK 200V 50HZ VKP075J 200V 50HZ VKD111AA VKP115A  VFC608AN 380V 50HZ VX02-200M-0975 200W 1:200 IP44 VX02-200M-0975  0.2KW 200V 50HZ 1:200 GRK1151A-G10ES 1.5KW UD30-B/AC-B V1.2/V1.1 VKN055A-4Z   380V GRK1151A-G10 1.5KW NO.6840209Y15 GYM552BC1-ACB 5.5KW 200V 50HZ 4P S/N:92A400A002 MVK8187A-R 30KW 376/384V 51/102HZ 4P S/N:0807H010412 1 VKA285AH MVK6167A-C 15KW 360/362V 51/68HZ 4P S/N:0405G002901 1 VX22-010M-SSS7 380V 50HZ MKC6097K   15-100BF   1.5KW  1:100   380V/50HZ 04-40B 0.4KW*4P i=1/38.7 0.2KW*4P 02*200B VX02-080B-SSS7 380V 50HZ VX08-020B-SSS7 380V 50HZ FWN-100 RYE1.5D  200V  S/N:78D342A008D731 7MBP75RU2A120 VKP071A VKP081A VKV392M 200V 50HZ GYS201DC1-SA GYS401DC1-SA GYS751DC1-SA RYS401S3-LSS RYS201S3-LSS RYS751S3-LSS GYN751SAG-G09 VKV292M MVK6113B-C  5.5KW  4P  51/122hz  376/384v SER  NO :0310G005011 AR30PR-21B VKP075A 200V 50HZ AR30PR-211B CS-12 VKV 196M 200V 200W AR30PR-210B VC02-020BH-SSS-A(C002=A VKV291B 200V  50/60HZ VKA162AQ  :VKA165AQ FRN18.5G1S-2J frn18.5g1s-2j VFC808A 4Z MGX1MS08W010AS   0.75KW  1:10   380V VKD141AC MLA8075C 500W 2P 200V GYC101DC1-SA 0.1KW MRA5224J(75KW 6 50HZ 380V) MRA5187J (30KW 6 50HZ 380V) PMP-2040-01 VC08-020MH-SSS VC04-160KBR-SUS VC01-200MH-SSS MLH8097M  1.5KW  200V  4P MGX1MB02W030AS  0.2KW 1:30 MGX1FB02W050AS  0.2KW 1:50 MLPCB8062M VKN085A : AR30FOL 11M3G AR30FOL 11M3R MLH8075P 0.4KW 200V 50HZ 2P VKA243AQ VKP065A-4Z GYS751DC1-SA 750W 104V S/N:17F651A0020N MLC8115C 3.7KW 380V 50HZ 2P GYS101DC1-SB MLC1115A 2.2KW 6P 380-400-415/400-440-460V 50/60Hz MVK9284A 30KW 315/345V 25.4/101.4HZ 4P Frame:280S S/N:1106J172DS2 MVK9284A 110KW 375/380V 50.6/67.5HZ 4P Frame:280S S/N:1106J177DS1 MVK9256A 90KW 380/385V 50.8/67.7HZ 4P Frame:250M S/N:1106J175DS1 MVK9254A 75KW 365/375V 50.8/81.2HZ 4P Frame:250S S/N:1106J173DS1 MVK9224A 55KW 365/375V 50.8/81.2HZ 4P Frame:225S S/N:1108J367DS1 VKN095A  200V/50HZ VKA 495Q   VKA 495Q VX08-100M-SSS7 1:100 4P 0.75KW VX08-200M 0.75KW 3PH 4POLES 50/60HZ 200/220V RATIO 1:200 VCS702A 200V 50HZ 3.7KW 13m/3min N11P11S-4CX 17.5KVA MVK9310A 75KW 380V 50HZ 4P MVK8207A 30KW 380V 50HZ 4P VKA263QA ST3P A-A 110VAC 0.5S/5S/30S/3M VAS405BS-42 200/220V 50/60HZ S/N.1106K002601 VX04-300M-KSS-2454 400W 200V  4P GRATIO 1:300 AH22-VL E3 FRN2.2G1S-4C GYG152CC2-T2G 1500W 7.16N.M 133.3HZ 2000RPM 98V 10A,: MLC8096C 1.5KW 220V 50HZ 2P 3KW 220V 60HZ 4P 0.75KW 220V 60HZ 4P MLH6085K VCP082A MLA8135A 7.5KW 132M 4P 400V MGX1MB02W010AZ  1:10  380V  50hz GYG152CC2-T2G G3LB-22-200-010T VX04-040B VX02-080B VX08-020B VX22-010M MLC8115C 2.2KW 60HZ 220V B5 MLA8206 30KW 60HZ 220V B35 MLA8187 22KW 60HZ 220V B35 MLA8186 18.5KW 60HZ 220V B35 FM-804E139,(SHINKO) VKA263AQ GYS401D5-HB2 RYT401D5-VV2 VKP115A-4Z(380V 750W  285/M) VKP095A-4Z(380V 400W  200/M) VX04-030M   200V PXW7TAY2-8V000-A PXR-9 TAY1-8W000-C 2.2KW 220V 60HZ 4P 3.7KW 220V 60HZ 4P VFY031A-E VCP062A W-374171-00 MGX1MS08W025AS 750W 220V VX-55-010B-KRS7 3P 380V 50HZ VFC208AF-S VX-55-010B-SRS7 MLA6107C. 2.2KW.200V.4P VFC308A-S MKE6085M 750W 380V MRA6135A :MLA8135A 7.5KW 4P 200V 50HZ MKE6085M 750W 380V 4P 50HZ MLA5207G   45KW  2P   440V  S/N:M10286178Y1 FRN1.5G11S-4CX FRN3.7G11S-4CX VKV592M VFC608AN-S  MLA8135A ,:MLA1135A 5.5KW 380V 50HZ 6P MLH8097P :MLHDF8096Z 1.5KW 200V 50HZ 4P MGX1MS04A015AS 400W MLA5187J   22KW  6P  380V MGX1MS04A050AS 220V 50HZ 0.4KW 4P 1:50 MGX1MS04A015AS 220V 60HZ VFC-208AF-S VFC-508AF-S VFC-088AF-SVFC-108AF-S VKN055A MGX1MB02A050HS 0.2KW 3 200/200/220V 50/60HZ 4P 1:50,,,? VFZ601A MVB8085M 0.75KW 200V 50HZ 4P VKS181AA-Z 7.5KW(400V) VKS152AC-Z 3.8KW(400V) VFC608AF-S VX01-200MF-0294 AC200V 1:200 MLA5186J   15KW  6P   380V GYS401DC2-T2C-B MGX1MS22W050AS-SS 2.2KW 3400V 50HZ MLA9252A AC380 55KW MLA8107A 1.5KM 6P 380V 50HZ MKC6085M-RE  0.75KW  4P 200V/220V MVG1282b 45~4.5KW 380~43V 50~5.6HZ 4P SER.NO:1102J172DS1 MVG1225B 30-3KW 380V-46V 50-6.1HZ 4P S/N.97098551MS1 MVG9456B 315~31.5KW 380~40V 50~5.3HZ 4P SER.NO:1102J124NS1 MVK6167G-C.15KW.4P.SER.NO.0312G003091 MVK6185G-C.15KW.6P.SER.NO.0321G003021 MVK6107G-c.2.2KW.4P.SER.NO.0312G003011 MVK6115G=C.3.7KW.4P.SER.NO.0312G003011 MVK6135g-c.7.5KW.4P.SER.NO.0312G002991 MVK9310A.75KW.6P.SER.NO.0312J293DS1 MVK9282A.6P.75KW.SER.NO.0312J295DS2 MVK6207A-C.22KW.6P.SER.NO.0312G003031 MVK6206A-V.30KW.4P.SER.NO.0312G003041 MVK6208A-C.45KW.4P.SER.NO.0312G003101 MVK6165G-C.11KW.4P.SER.NO.0312G003051 MLA8115H 3.7KW 400V 50HZ 4P GRK2400M T  400W S/N:K90911558Y1 VKN095AF 200V 400W VKP095AF :MLH6075L 400W 200V VX08-030B-SSS 0.75KW 4P 1:30 200V CKP055A VKP065A VFC608AN 220V 50/60HZ VFC300P-5T JIS-C-4210 18.5KW 4P 380V MRA7169A 18.5KW 4P 200/200/220V 50/60/60 S/N:476070Y23 HH52P-L  DC24V HH54P-L  DC24V MLA8132A-2(200V) SC-N2S AC220V 50HZ(CCC) FRN7.5P11S-4CX 6KVA FRN132G11S-4CX FRN 7.5G 11S-4CX,,:FRN7.5G1S-4C + frenIC5000G11 FRN22G11S-4CX D06T-12T3208 DC12V RYC751C3-VVT2 S/N:93B642A027G911 IMBI400NA-120 RVF-1800 MLA8107B S/N:0512G003561 MVK6135G-C 7.5KW 1500/1800RPM FRN75G11S-4CX FRN15G11S-4CX MLH8075M 0.4KW 2P 220V VKV198M 200W VFC608AN 380V 2.3KW 3.2/4.4m3/min 9.81kpa VKN065H 100 200-220V MVK8207A-R 37KW 4P 3 380V SC-0 1A AC220V (:SC-0 SC13AA 220VAC) AFAC-3X VFZ401A VKV162A 100/110V 30W VKP055A 200V 50HZ MLA6165G 11kw 220-440V 60HZ MLH8097K 1.5KW 380V 50HZ 4P PS103G30 0.1KW 200V 50HZ 4P 1:30 1:25 (VRSF-25B-100-T2) GYS401DC2-T2A GYS201DC2-T2A SM55-4801 SM55-4830-A MCLFA8325A MLP 6065H 200W 2 2900/ :0705C003331 05T VFC608AN  VFC607AN  FRN2.2G1S-2J TR-0N/3 7-11A TR-0N/3 5-8A TR-0N/3.1.7-2.6A TR-0N/3 2.8-4.2A MVB8075M VX04-100M 200V S/N:D67273001 MLH8075M :MLH1075A 0.4KW 380V 50HZ 4P 6 GRH1.1BG-N000 S/N:81D884A034 VKR092AB MLH8097P 1.5KW 200V 50HZ 4P SC-0 AC100V 1A + TR-0N/3 0.1-0.15A+SZ-T1  MKS7097 4 1.5KW MKC7097 4 1.5KW MLA8135A 5.5KW 6P 400V 6 MLA8185A 22KW 4P 400V 6 MLC8107G  2.2KW 380V 50HZ 4P MVS2.2V5-2G 2.2/1.5KW 130/180V 50/267HZ 4P S/N: 0806H005121 VKN095A-4Z 380V TR-5-1N/3  5-8A TR-ON/3 08-1.2A TR-N2/3 18-26A SC-03 11A AC100V SC-4-1 19A AC100V SC-N2 35A AC100V VKA993AH MVK8167A 400V 15KW 4P ST86HS156A MLP8135D 7.5KW 380V 50HZ 4P IP55 :0711F700371   12 FRNO.75C1J-4J11 AC380V FRN7.5E1E-4J FRN3.7C1J-4J11 MLA8115 3.7KW 380V 50HZ 4P MLA8187A 30KW 380V 50HZ 4P MLH8085P 0.75KW 200V 50HZ 2P MLH6075M :MLH8075M 0.4KW 200V 50HZ 4P EG32AC 20A  30mA SC-0  AC110V AC220V RYC751D3-VVT2 GYC751DC2-T2C FRN7.5P11S-4CX-7.5KW VFC308A-4Z VFC708AF-S 380V 50HZ VFC504A-7W RVF-1800/V CR5016FB-H2BJXH35J CR5016K B135R60 T=1:60 MVK6115A-C3.7KW 4P VKD151AD TX-505 3 phase 200V TX-510 3 phase 200V FRN15LM1S-4C FRN7.5LM1S-4S AMW-KZ01-4W 400W 200V 50HZ MLHDE8065D 0.2KW/4 /50HZ/380V/0.68A/1410R/MIN/IP55 MVK8135A 7.5KW MLA8187A 30KW 4P 400V 50/60HZ S/N.0607H034811 BZ-6N10C SA53C/40A MVA6135A 7.5KW MVA6107B 2.2KW 380V 50HZ 4P S/N:0701G004111 MLH8097M 1.5KW 380V 50HZ 4P S/N:0850302 GYS751DC1-SE-L35-E39 :3X1181I003B VC-MH :VC08-060MH 0.75KW 200V 50HZ 1:60 MLPCE 8062M 50HZ 220VAC 4P/:0709EF00182 TYPE:MLH8075M 200W 6P 220V 920 SERNO:0312H731511 MGX1FS02A005AS 0.2KW 200V 50HZ 1:5 S/N:0610H9406115229 MVK6185B-C 18.5KW 360V 51HZ 6P S/N:0610G001811 MLA8133B 5.5KW 4P 200V/50HZ S/N:1003H7036927 VKA493AQ VKP-095A MGX1FS02W010AS-SS MLA8133A 5.5KW 200V 50HZ 4P S/N:0609H703511 12 FU01SS FU   SS M8*0.75 FU07SC FU05SC AR30V2L MPF007M32 5.5KW 200V 1800/3600rpm  S/N:60714511Y09 MKC6085M() 0.75KW 200V 50HZ 4P S/N:5863609148 BM3RSB-2P5 1.6-2.5A BM3RSB-2P5 2.5-4A BM3RSB-2P5 5.5-8A BM3RSB-2P5 1-1.6A MGX1MS08A045AS(0.75KW) VX08-06MF-SSS7 0.75KW 380V 50HZ 1:60 FRN400F1S-4C VFC508AF-S 1.3KW/220/380V TMBP50N-AOBO A50L-0001-0304/6MBP50RA060-01 (50A.600V) 6D115A-050 6D150A-60 6D150A-055 MGXIMS04A010AS MLH8075M 400W 2P S/N:0712H707871 MLH8075M 400W 2P :0712H707871 45     G-3H-1   FG-26-2 GYS401DC2-T2C-BPOWER0.4KW GYS751DC2-T2A-BPOWER 0.75KW MLH6085K 0.75KW 380V 50HZ 4P FRAME:80  S/N:81212879Y VFC508F MLI16085MM 6P(380V 50HZ) MGX1MB22A080AS MGX1MB15A100AS FRN5.51S-4C VFC901A ,:VFZ901A 200V 50HZ W-32( 1.4MPa,175L/Min MGX1MS08A015AS  0.75KW 200V 50HZ 1:15 MGX2MS04W040AS-SS 400V VFC906A 200V 50HZ :VFC908AF-S VFC 806A FUJI RING BLOW VFC806A 380V ,:VFZ801A-4Z RVF1800 MLA60858 0.75KW 380V 50HZ 4P MLA60758 0.4KW 380V 50HZ 4P MLH6065A :MLH8065M 0.2KW 200V 50HZ 4P TYPE:MLH6065m 200W S/N:3584712Y037,:MLH8065M 0.2KW 200V 4P VKR115AC TYPE:MKS7135A 7.5KW 4P FRAME:135M JP44 RULE:JISC4210 RATING:CONT INSUL:B MKS7107A 4P 220V SB-80M EB2015A MKE6085M 0.75KW 220V 50HZ 4P MLP8135D 7.5KW 380V 50HZ 4P VFC405C 500/750W 200V 50HZ 2P MGX1MB08A200AS  0.75KW 200V 50HZ 4P S/N:0807H942921Y3  B-V2 RD3-024(VX01-200MF-0294) AM30FOL-10E3G AM22EOL-10E3G AM22FOL-10E3G CR-4T,CR-4,5L AH134-ZT   24V AH134-ZT   24V FRN18.5G11S-4JE 380V MLP8135D 132M 7.5KW 380V 50HZ MKS7107G-4 2.2KW 3380V/50HZ 4P DB250-4ZDCN  DC758V 330A 2.3 W.NO:HHF07847R00L-2  ,! FRN630VG7S-4  3PH/380V-440V/50HZ/SN:5YHF07847R915-001HL MGX4480 MGX1MB15W005AS 380V 50HZ MLA8107Z 2.2KW 200V 50HZ 4P MLA5256C 75KW 380V 50HZ 2P MGX1MS08A005AS VKD131AB TR-ON/3 Z716(2.2-3.4A) VKR09ZABZ VKP085A 200V 50HZ MKS7085M 0.75KW 200V 50HZ 4P MLC8107C 2.2KW 380V VKD131AB-G 200V TR-5-1N 9~13A TR-ON 7~11A TR-ON 5~8A TR-ON 2.8~4.2A TR-ON 2.2~3.4A TR-ON 1.4~2.2A TR-ON 0.96~1.45A SC-0 AC200V  1a SC-03 AC200V  1a SC4-1 AC200V  1a SC-0/G DC24V  1a SC-5-1/G SC20AG DC24V  1a1b SC-N2/G DC24V  2a2b SS302H-1Z-A1 AC480V 30A AC100V SS701H-3Z-D3 AC480V 50/60HZ DC24V VFC808A-4Z 380V 50HZ MLAB187B 30KW 380V 60HZ 4P 180L S/N:0410G001681 FCT-6000-65-10 GYS201DC1-CA VC02-100MH-0336 NO:927990003 FRN11G1S-4C GYC401D-RB2 VFZ301A-4Z 380V 50HZ VFC308A-4Z 380V 50HZ VFZ401A-4Z 380V 50HZ VFC408A-4Z 380V 50HZ MLP5625C 25W 4POLES 200V 60HZ   GYS401DCZ-T2C RPAE2010 MVK8207B 30KW 360V 50HZ 6P NO:1110D000651 MVK8206B 22KW 360V 50HZ 6P NO:1110D000631 5 MLA3184A 18.5KW 400/415V 34/33A 1460rpm 180M MLH3075K :MLH1075A 0.4KW 380V 50HZ 4P VX04-300M 0.4KW 200V 50HZ 1:300 S/N:D87900002 MLH8075P :MLH1075C 0.4KW 380V 50HZ 4P MGX1FS04A020AS 220V S/N:0701H940791Y2 VX01-200M-0025 380V 50HZ,OEM,? VAS405MD-43F AC230V 50/60HZ MLA8115Z-4A 3.7KW 380V 50HZ 4P 112M MLH8107Z 1.5KW 380V 50HZ 6P IP44 S/N:0603F700521 BW250EAG 150A :BW250EAGC-3P175 BW100EAG 100A :BW100EAG-3P100  VX01-040MF-MSLCT 100W 200V 50HZ 1:40 NO.447931021 PVF-1000 EAL-1220 VX01-040MF-KSSCT,0.1KW,1/39.4,:200V/50HZ DR22DOL-E3G MLH6065Z2 200W 380V 50HZ 4P MVK6206B-C 11KW 330/380V 31/122HZ 600/2400MIN 6P S/N:0401G007551 FCT-3000-50A FCT-3000-50AOMS-100-195(1) FCT-10000-100A FCT-13000-100B FCT-13000-100B,OMS-100-195,(5,/5) FCT-10000-100AOMS-100-145(5,/5) VX08-100M-0108 1:100,0.75KW FRN5.5VG7S-4A FRN5.5VG7S-4 MGX1MS04A160AS  400W 220V 4P 1:160 VFC605C 200V 50HZ MKE6107A 2.2KW 200V 50HZ 4P MKE6107A 2.2KW 380V 50HZ 4P V808ICD VAS355AN-42 MGX1MS080A045AS 0.75KW 380V MLH6097V 2.2KW 200V 50HZ 4P S/N;80212905Y 04 VKP115A 200V 50HZ SSG308P30 750W 400V 50HZ 1:30 MKC6167B 11KW/400V/50HZ/1450RM/ 21AMP MLP6065H 200W 380V 50HZ 2P VKV392M 380V 560HZ VX75-060A-SSS-GB3 VKV392M 380V 50HZ VKV392M 200V380V 200V MGX1MS02A160AZ-KR,i=1/160,0.2kw MGX1MS02A160AZ-KS i=1/160,0.2kw

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There are 3 documents
Brand Product Description Product
Fuji ElectricRPAE2020 RPAE2020
Fuji Electric1D500A-030 1D500A-030
Fuji Electric1MB1300SA-120B-02 1MB1300SA-120B-02
Fuji Electric201 HAUSING 201 HAUSING
Fuji Electric208 ROTOR BLADE 208 ROTOR BLADE
Fuji Electric26 28 E (RC310-2) 26 28 E (RC310-2)
Fuji Electric2DI150Z-120 2DI150Z-120
Fuji Electric2DI50Z-120 2DI50Z-120
Fuji Electric2DI75D-100 2DI75D-100
Fuji Electric2MBI100N-060.2MBI100N-060