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INTORQ Brake BEG-143-270 AC270V 13046390 14.630.13.014.270VAC 1A(:BEG-143-270) 14.630.13.014.270V 24VDC 16W NR.00034107 24VDC 20W NR.00032855 DC24V x 40W :BFK458-12N 14.630.14.014555V BEG-161-270 BFK460-18N 24V DC 85W 35H7 150NM Material No.00396253; Typ BFK458-18 BFK458-20E 180VDC 100W Nr:15333265 260NM BFK458-25N 205VDC 110W Nr:15333666 400NM Typ:14.800.12.11.1 Nr.:00112626260906 BEG-261-555 BEG-161-270 BEG-143-270 173091 BFK458-25N Nr:15085872 With stator Complete stator BFK458-16E size:16;design:E,with adjustment ring;rated voltage:205v rated power:56w;cable length:600mm characteristic torque:50NM Rotor 00396252 BFK458-16 Hub 00011299 bore diameter:35mm bore tolerance:H7 TO BS 4235-P9 BFK458-16 00405202 cover ring BFK458-16

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Intorq00033626 00033626
Intorq00034418 00034418
Intorq00035596 00035596
Intorq00076260 BFK458-10 00076260 BFK458-10
Intorq00105984 14.800.08.10.3 00105984 14.800.08.10.3
Intorq00105985 14.800.08.10.3 00105985 14.800.08.10.3
Intorq00109042 00109042
Intorq00109043 00109043
Intorq00111286/ 14.800.06.12.8 00111286/ 14.800.06.12.8
Intorq00111287Clutch/brake combination00111287