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Mecair offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand Mecair (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout United States of America

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sb3 24 24 dcx diaphram valve mecair m670021 diaphragm valve m670021 mecair pulse valve diapragm valve MECAIR    VEP206(220VAC) mecair SB3 24VDC 48Ohm W12-VA16/12 mecair SB3-220/50 mecair SB3-220V AC- Obsolete!! Replaced with "SB4-220/AC" mecair SB3-24/DCX mecair SB324VDC - old code, new code - KIT SB4-24/DC mecair sb3w12-va19/14 - obsolete , replaces by KIT SB4-110/DC-18W mecair SB4-220/AC (Mecair Spule für 220 VAC mit 18 Watt) mecair SB4-24V DC mecair SB4C mecair SB4C-24/DC mecair SLAVE 10 mecair Spare parts for VEM/VENP314 mecair Spule für W15 - obsolete replaced by KIT SB4-24/DC or KIT PVM12-24/DC mecair TYP:VA19/25 220V 24VOLT 14W mecair V110/127 mecair VA19 obsolete, replacement VNB206-24/50 mecair VA19, 24V, 50Hz mecair VA19/25 230 V mecair VA-19-31 obsolete mecair va19-31-110ac obsolete replaced by PVM06-110/50 or PVM08-110/50 mecair VEM 120 R 2,5 replaced by VEM220 mecair VEM 120R2 1/2 replaced by VEM220 mecair VEM 314 mecair VEM 514 (VNB214-220/50) mecair VEM/VENP314 mecair VEM/VPN 608 mecair VEM206 mecair VEM-208-2-08-24/DC mecair VEM208-V mecair Vem308 (KIT DB18/G Ersatzmembrane) mecair VEM314 mecair VEM314 Gehäuse mecair VEM416 mecair VEM514, SIZE 1-1/2 IN mecair VEP 416 - 24 VDC - 2 " 9 - VEP serie replaced with VNP416-24/DC mecair VEP 508 mecair VEP 608 - Obsolete!! Replaced with "VNP608" mecair VEP114-A-1 1/2“ -obsolete mecair VEP-16 obsolete/ replaced by VNP206-230/AC mecair VEP208/24DC mecair VEP212-24DC mecair VEP408-1 mecair VEP608 mecair VNB206-24/50 mecair VNB208-24/DC (ohne Untertei) mecair VNB212-24/DC OBERTEILE mecair VNB214-24/DC mecair VNP 206-3/4 24V DC mecair VNP 208-1 110V AC mecair VNP 208-1 24V DC mecair VNP 208-24DCX mecair VNP 212. mecair VNP 214 mecair VNP 216-2 220V AC mecair VNP 216-2 24V DC mecair VNP 224 (MECAIR) OBSOLETE- REPLACED BY CA76T020-300 (ITZW-3,0-ELGCA76T020-300) BRAND: GOYEN mecair VNP 308-1 24V DC mecair VNP 416-2 24V AC mecair VNP/VEM 508 mecair VNP206 mecair VNP206-110/AC mecair VNP206-230/AC. mecair VNP206-24 VDC. mecair VNP206-24/50 mecair VNP206-24/50X mecair VNP206-24/DC mecair VNP208-220/50 mecair VNP208-24/50 mecair VNP208-24/DC mecair VNP208-24/DC-L mecair VNP-208-240V mecair Vnp212 mecair VNP212-110/50 mecair VNP212-220/50 mecair VNP212-220/AC mecair VNP212-24/DC mecair VNP212-24/DC. mecair VNP214-220/50 mecair VNP306-220/AC mecair VNP306-24/DC mecair VNP308-220/50 mecair VNP308-24/50 mecair VNP308-24/DC mecair VNP312-220/50 mecair VNP408-24/DCX mecair VNP408-24/DCX-M mecair VNP506-24DC mecair VNP608-24/DC mecair VNP716 mecair vpn220-24/dc mecair W 15, alternative is KIT SB4-24/DC mecair W16 - VA41/32 mecair Yem 212V/S mecair М470568 Mecair ITZN-CZMSB3 Mecair 3223009100 Mecair (KIT DB16/S old p.v,KIT DB16/G new p.n Mecair 12 FREEZING OUTPUT TIMER Mecair 124-800 Mecair 16VA-840 Mecair Anpressring 1-1/2" Mecair COIL IS 19 VA V24 HZ 50 Mecair Coil Mecair CSN 8 Mecair CSN12 Mecair CSN12-24/DC-R Mecair CSN5-24/DC Mecair CSN5-24/DC-R Mecair CSN9-24/DC-R Mecair CXD4-24/DC Mecair DB 116 Mecair DB 16 Mecair DB 18 Mecair DB116/C Mecair DB116/C mit Feder 470600 Mecair DB12V/S Mecair DB16 Mecair DB16/G Mecair DB18/G Mecair DC12MU7.1 Mecair DC24MU7.2 Mecair DC40MU4.2 Mecair DECKEL (OHNE MAGNET), GEWINDEANSCHLUSS FUR EXTERNES PILOTVENTIL M670421 Mecair DIAPHRAGM DB 116 FOR VALVE VNP 216 Mecair DIAPHRAGM FOR DB16 Mecair DP MICRO Mecair DPS-A Mecair DXLW 1A2 3M M1 Mecair ECF 90 PE Mecair Ersatzmembranen für VEM216 (KIT DB116/C bestehend aus Hauptmembrane DB116 plus Feder und Vorsteuermembrane DB16) Mecair ET-12-obsolete-replaced by MT 12/A4D Mecair ETM2 AC11011776 ETM - no longer available Mecair EXM1CST01 - Obsolete!! Replaced by "MT4-A4D" Mecair GUMMI – MEMBRANE FORGUMMI – MEMBRANE. Mecair ITZN-CZMSB3 Mecair KIT , DS FOR SN150DA Mecair KIT CP1/4 Mecair KIT DB 114 (DB 16 + DB 114) Mecair KIT DB 18 Mecair KIT DB112/G Mecair KIT DB114 /C Mecair KIT DB114/C Mecair KIT DB114V Mecair KIT DB116/C Mecair KIT DB116/C ( 128 St) Mecair KIT DB116V Mecair KIT DB116V. Mecair KIT DB120/C Mecair KIT DB124/G Mecair KIT DB124/G ( DB124 + DB18 ) Mecair KIT DB14 Mecair KIT DB16/G Mecair KIT DB16V/S Mecair KIT DB18/G Mecair KIT DB18/G (Ersatzmembrane für VEP18-110/AC) Mecair KIT DB18M/G (ITZN-1-MM80208M/G) Mecair KIT ESL28 Mecair KIT for SB3 W12-VA16/12 V24 - DC V48 -Hz50/60 Mecair KIT FOR VEM-514 1” - 1/2¨ Mecair KIT M100218 Mecair KIT M110082 (alte Bezeichnung M310082) Mecair KIT M110101 Mecair KIT M150026 new part number for M550026 Mecair KIT PLG11-ATEX Mecair KIT PV-24/DC Mecair KIT PV-24/DCX-obsolete, replaced by PVM06-24V DC Mecair KIT PV-24V DC Mecair KIT PVF08 24V DC Mecair KIT PVM06-110/50 Mecair KIT PVM06-24/DC Mecair KIT PVM12-24/DC Mecair KIT SB1-24/DC Mecair KIT SB2-220/50 Mecair KIT SB2-24/DC Mecair KIT SB2N Mecair KIT SB2N-220/50 Mecair KIT SB2N-24/DC Mecair KIT SB3 24VDC Mecair KIT SB3-220/50 Mecair KIT SB3-24/DC Mecair KIT SB4-220/50-18W Mecair KIT SB4-24/DC Mecair KIT SB4-24/DCX 24BDC Mecair KIT SB4C-24V DC Mecair KIT SD2N-24/DC SPULE SD2-24/DC MIT MAGNETKERN PLUS FEDER Mecair LCT 4 Mecair M 301169 - obsolete, alternative is KIT PVM12-24/DC Mecair M100211 - not available Mecair M110086 Mecair M310101 - OLD NAME, NEW NAME KIT M110101 Mecair M470568 Mecair M470600 Mecair M670021 Mecair M70114DK Mecair M97420M Mecair MCS16-A4D Mecair MCS32 Mecair MCS32-A1 Mecair MCS4-A4D Mecair ME 812 Mecair MEC KIT CP1/4 Mecair MEC KIT DB 18 Mecair MEC KIT PV-24V DC Mecair MEC KIT SB4-24V DC Mecair MEC PR1/4-SB Mecair MEC S6C08N9P210-F Mecair MEC SB3 Mecair Model Economizer MPS, Typ MPS8 P4D 0714092 Mecair MPS 8 Mecair MPS12-P4D Mecair MSC Mecair MT8-A1 Mecair MTS 4/P4D Mecair MTS12 Mecair MTS12-P4 Mecair MTS12-P4D Mecair M-VNP308 MOD. MEC-00020 Mecair MX2-1/2-FR0004 Mecair Nova 200 Mecair Obsolete VEP112-24/DC replaced by VNP212-24/DC Mecair OD P992087 Mecair P/N: M330334 - not available Mecair P/N: MA70161 - not available Mecair P/N: OR146 - not available Mecair P/N: OR6187 - not available Mecair PISTON WITH GEARING FOR SN150DA Mecair PLUNGER F12XL22 + SPRING Mecair PLUNGER F12XL22 + SPRING FOR COIL 19 VA V24 HZ 50 Mecair PNEUMATIC VALVES FOR FILTER CLEANILING Mecair PR1/4-220V AC Mecair PR1/4-24/DC Mecair PV-110V50Hz Mecair PV-220/50 Mecair PV-220/AC Mecair PV-24/DCX Mecair PVF08-24/DC Mecair PVM06-220/50 Mecair PVM06-24/DC Mecair PVM06-24V50/60HZ Mecair PVM08-24/DC Mecair PVM08-24/DCX Mecair pw03-220v Mecair Repair Kit for 5BF Mecair Repair Kit for 6BF Mecair Repair kit for ITZN-1,5-MM80214 / 1 ½”: Mecair Repair Kit for M670420 Mecair Repair Kit for M670421 Mecair Repair kit for W15 - obsolete, alternative - KIT PVM06-24/DC + KIT DB16/G Mecair SB1-48DC Mecair sb2n.15.24vdc Mecair SB2N24/DC Mecair SB3 Mecair SB3 - 110V AC Mecair SB3 - 220V AC Mecair SB3 - 24V DC Mecair SB3-220/50 Mecair SB3-220V AC- Obsolete!! Replaced with "SB4-220/AC" Mecair SB3-24/DCX Mecair SB324VDC - old code, new code - KIT SB4-24/DC Mecair sb3w12-va19/14 - obsolete , replaces by KIT SB4-110/DC-18W Mecair SB4-220/AC (Mecair Spule für 220 VAC mit 18 Watt) Mecair SB4C Mecair SB4C-24/DC Mecair Seal for VNP224 - unknown product Mecair Seal kit for VEP216-24 Mecair SLAVE 10 Mecair SLB8-24/DC Mecair SN 100 DA - Obsolete!!Replaced with "ECF 90 PE" Mecair SN063 SR08 Mecair SN200/DA (OBSOLETE) Mecair SOLENOID 24 V DC 19 W - 30 Ω Mecair SOLENOID VA 19/25 V220/240 HZ 50-60 Mecair SPRING CODE.M470568 OBSOLETE, REPLACED BY M470600. THE SPRING IS INCLUDED IN THE KIT M470600 DB120. Mecair SPRING FOR KIT DB114 Mecair Spule für W15 - obsolete replaced by KIT SB4-24/DC or KIT PVM12-24/DC Mecair SWITCHING VALVE FOR SN150DA Mecair Typ VEM514, 204401505 Mecair VA19 obsolete, replacement VNB206-24/50 Mecair VA19, 24V, 50Hz Mecair VA19/25 Mecair VA-19-31 obsolete Mecair VEM 314 Mecair VEM 514 (VNB214-220/50) Mecair VEM/VENP314 Mecair VEM/VNP 214-216-220-224 Mecair VEM206 Mecair VEM-208-2-08-24/DC Mecair VEM208-N-1/4"G Mecair VEM212 Mecair VEM214 Mecair VEM216 Mecair VEM216-V Mecair VEM220 Mecair Vem308 (KIT DB18/G Ersatzmembrane) Mecair VEM314 Mecair VEM314 Gehäuse Mecair VEM416 Mecair VEM514 Mecair VEM514, SIZE 1-1/2 IN Mecair VEP 18; N°00396 obsolete,replacement VNP208-220/50 Mecair VEP 608 - Obsolete!! Replaced with "VNP608" Mecair VEP114-A-1 1/2“ -obsolete Mecair VEP-16 obsolete/ replaced by VNP206-230/AC Mecair VEP208/24DC Mecair VEP212-24DC Mecair VEP408-1 Mecair VEP508 24VDC 12VA obsolete, replaced by VNP508-24/DC Mecair VEP608 Mecair VNB206-24/50 Mecair VNB206-24/DC Mecair VNB208-24/DC (ohne Untertei) Mecair VNB214-24/DC Mecair VNP 208/V-1 Mecair VNP 208-1 110V AC Mecair VNP 208-1 24V DC Mecair VNP 212. Mecair VNP 216-2 220V AC Mecair VNP 224 (MECAIR) OBSOLETE- REPLACED BY CA76T020-300 (ITZW-3,0-ELGCA76T020-300) BRAND: GOYEN Mecair VNP 308-1 24V DC Mecair VNP 416-2 24V DC Mecair VNP 508 24V DC Mecair VNP 608-1 24V DC Mecair VNP/VEM 508 Mecair VNP206-110/AC Mecair VNP206-230/AC. Mecair VNP206-24/50 Mecair VNP206-24/DC Mecair VNP206-24/DC-N Mecair vnp206-24v Mecair VNP208-110/50 Mecair VNP208-220/50 Mecair VNP208-24/50 Mecair VNP208-24/DC Mecair VNP208-24/DC-N Mecair VNP-208-240V Mecair VNP212-220/AC Mecair VNP-212-24 DC YENI SERII Mecair VNP212-24/DC Mecair VNP212-24/DC. Mecair VNP220-24/DC Mecair VNP306-24/DC Mecair VNP308-220/50 Mecair VNP308-24/DC Mecair VNP312-220/50 Mecair VNP408-24/DC Mecair VNP408-24/DCX Mecair VNP408-24/DCX-M Mecair VNP506-24DC Mecair VNP608-24/DC Mecair VNP716 Mecair vpn220-24/dc Mecair W 15, alternative is KIT SB4-24/DC Mecair W 15, V 24D.C. - oboslete , no alternative Mecair W 18 - VA41/32 Mecair W15 Mecair W16 - VA41/32 Mecair Yem 212V/S

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Mecair(AUTOMAX) TYPE SN100-180-DA, 180° (AUTOMAX) TYPE SN100-180-DA, 180°
Mecair21W4KJV250 220V EEX 21W4KJV250 220V EEX
Mecair220/230V 50/60Hz 220/230V 50/60Hz
Mecair3223009100DIAPHRAGM FOR SOLENOID VALVE, VEP18/2083223009100
Mecair357 P/N DDV1. 1/2" ( 40 mm ) for C- Series Ultra pulse system 357 P/N DDV1. 1/2" ( 40 mm ) for C- Series Ultra pulse system
Mecair502 502
Mecair729791944,W15 V24DC 37,50HM 729791944,W15 V24DC 37,50HM