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RECO offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand RECO (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout United States of America

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Controller systems and I/O modules with R-IMC-Bus Applications in automation, plant engineering and filter technology High performance I/O data exchange via R-IMC-Bus Controllers: RM-450 C, RM-400 C RM-350 C, RM-300 C Operation panels: RM-OP 32, RM-OP 80 RM-VISIO 32, RM-VISIO 80 I/O modules: RM-V 8, RM-V 16 RM-X 10, RM-X 24 More information EasyLineExtensible control systems for filter technology Controllers and I/O modules with loop bus connection Applications in filter technology for separators with pressure pulse cleaning For all filter sizes Controllers: RM-216 C, RM-208 C, RM-216 CB Extension modules: RM-LV 8, RM-LV 16, RM-LV 24 More information BasicLineElectronic control systems for filter technology Individual controllers and modules Applications in filter technology for separators with pressure pulse cleaning Compact units with motor control For small to medium-sized filters Stand-alone controllers: RM-BV 12, RM-BV 8, RM-BV 4 Micro, RM-FC 240, RM-FC 120 Snap-in modules: RM-DPC-5000, RM-TB Power boxes: RM-CV, RM-CF More information PowerLineSwitchgear systems for all fields of control technology Compact switch cabinets with customer-specific control systems Switch cabinets with R E C O MATIC systems Special-purpose switch cabinets PLC cabinets Switch cabinets: For all applications, designs and standards More information SensorLineElectronic components for instrumentation and control Sensorics and control systems for general applications in instrumentation and control Measurement and control systems Transmitters Sensor modules for RECOMATIC devices Δp controllers: RM-DPC Micro, RM-DPC Micro FP Δp switches: RM-DPT, RM-DPS Transmitters: RM-XT, RM-XTV Sensorics: SM-500 to SM-10000 More information ComponentLineComponents and accessories for control technology Enclosure systems, front panels components and accessories for controls and printed circuit boards Components for DIY assembly for all technical applications Enclosure systems: NormLine, NormLine-S Front panels: FP, FP-S Membrane keyboards Accessories More information RECO VTEC valve systems

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Brand Product Description Product
RECO70100002 70100002
RECOP/N 353119-01C/C 0343-284 für Simodrive Posmo-A-Fabr.Siemens 6SN2155-2BD10-1BA0P/N 353119-01
RECO NG4,0-6P-24VDC  NG4,0-6P-24VDC
RECO10600001 10600001
RECOPRE 10-2-B PRE 10-2-B
RECORM-216 CB.10 ATEXFiltersteuerungRM-216 CB.10 ATEX
RECORM-216 C.10RECO FiltersteuerungRM-216 C.10
RECORM-LV16.10RECO ErweiterungsmodulRM-LV16.10
RECORECO Filtersteuerung RM-BV4 Micro.RECO Filtersteuerung RM-BV4 Micro