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Please Contact Us to Order to offer best price and delivery time for Soldo - SM0120N 1HW00R2 ELR.SO.SM0120N-1HW00R2 Compact design SM series limit switch box as follows: - complete with aluminium adjustable mounting bracket suitable to fit directly on VDI/VDE 3845 actuators - independent adjustable cams - SPDT electromechanical switches, silver plated contacts, rating max. 5A@250VAC, 0,6A@125VDC, 3A@24VDC, rating min. 50mA@24VDC (resistive load) - nr. 2 switch / sensors as for following spec. - screw terminal strips with pass through solenoid valve poles - Nickel plated finishing - nr. 2 1/2" NPT cable entries - UV resistant and V0 self extinguish polycarbonate indicator dome - 3D black and yellow flux indicator - weather proof limit switch box - ordinary location - weather proof IP65 - ambient temperature range:-15+80 - aluminum heavy duty body - shock resistant and UV resistant polycarbonate cover model number, also you may ask some other model number is well. We can offer best price, and delivery time with wide products distribution network in United States of America Industrial products Market.


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