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Torishima offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand Torishima (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout United States of America

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TORISHIMA Pump CE 32-20 1.5KW 220V 50HZ S/N:AP311057 CPW200-401 Q=420t/h CPC150-32G TM-FP 6450-6300-6150-6000-5850V 400V 30KVA S/NO.942702 AMP:43.3A TM-FP 6300-6150-6000-5850-5700V 400V 300KVA S/NO.942722 AMP:433A MMK 125/4 CHR250-504 MGD80/6E D/N:093080340 MML80/4 75t/h 162m FC200 S/N:AP275514 :093080340 CER100-315 PRODUCT NO.AP168319 BRG NO.6309-2RUC3 ,120X31.5。:CAL100-310 CPW200-401 NO:AP422011。 CAR125-315 :CPEN125-315(:AP123579) CER 40 250 S/N:AP397199 AEMBPA 15KW 380V 50HZ 4P S/N:608C470002 CAR32-160 (0.168m3/min 2860RPM 2.2KW) CAL125-310 (4m3/min 1470RPM 45KW ) CAL100-310 (2.8m3/min 1460RPM 18.5KW) CAL65-240 (1.04m3/min 1450RPM 5.5KW) CAL50-250 (0.4m3/min 1440RPM 3.7KW) CAL65240 PRODUCT NO.AP421448 9/30,,。 CPCN150315 PRODUCT NO.AP421430,9/30,,。

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Torishima2100, 2100,
Torishima2300.1 2300.1
Torishima2300.2 2300.2
Torishima3112 FOR 092015634 3112 FOR 092015634
Torishima3116.1 FOR 092015634 3116.1 FOR 092015634
Torishima3116.2 FOR 092015634 3116.2 FOR 092015634
Torishima3116.3 FOR 092015634 3116.3 FOR 092015634
Torishima3220 3220
Torishima4000.1 4000.1
Torishima4120.1 4120.1